Summer Theatre Cast 2016
June 29th - August 20th

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Adam Sowards
Beauty and the Beast – The Beast
Big Fish – Will Bloom
The Foreigner -Reverend David

Adam Sowards is excited to be performing in Canada at the CHT. This summer Adam will be the Beast in Beauty and the Beast, Will in Big Fish, and Rev. David in The Foreigner. He is originally from Colorado in the USA, where during the school year he is pursuing a Masters degree in Musical theatre performance from Arizona State University, with 1 year completed. Some of his favorite roles have been Danny Zuko in Grease, Leo Bloom in The Producers, Pippin in Pippin, and Princeton in Avenue Q. Adam is grateful to have the opportunity to work with all these talented performers and production members that come from Canada and the States. He also looks forward to a summer of fun with all of his new Canadian friends!
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Andrew Groome
Beauty and the Beast - Gaston
Big Fish – Edward Bloom
The Foreigner – Owen Musser

Andrew is so excited to be back at the Carriage House Theatre this summer. He has spent the last year studying acting at BYU and just last month married the love of his life. Andrew had the privilege to play Frank Sr. in last years CHT production of Catch me if you Can, and recently was an ensemble member in BYU’s production of Beauty and the Beast. This year he is thrilled to be on stage alongside his wife Arielle in Big Fish as Edward Bloom, Gaston in Beauty and the Beast and Owen in The Foreigner. He would like to thank everyone who makes the CHT possible – and he can’t wait to share it with everyone this summer.
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Arielle Groome
Beauty and the Beast – Silly Girl
Big Fish – Josephine Bloom
The Foreigner – Catherine Simms

Arielle is thrilled to be returning to the Carriage House Theatre stage this summer. She is ecstatic to be performing alongside her best friend and husband, Andrew Groome, whom she met at the CHT last summer. She is from Brampton, Ontario, but Cardston is her home away from home. She will be attending BYU in the fall for Theatre Arts Studies, someday hoping to teach drama and bring theatre to the next generation. Her stage credits include Cheryl Ann in Catch Me If You Can, and the Narrator in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat. She wishes to thank the audiences for making the stage a reality.
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Christian Burton
Beauty and the Beast – Le Fou
Big Fish – Zacky Price
The Foreigner – “Froggy” LeSueur

Hola amigos! Christian is so excited to be part of the CHT Summer Theatre cast this year. His theatre experience started with Oliver, the Musical when he was 13 and continued until he was 16 when he got to play Glibert Blythe in Anne of Green Gables. It was his brother Aaron who inspired him to start again and thanks to him he is at the CHT! Besides theatre he loves doing anything to stay physically active, especially hiking in the mountains. It is there that he feels most at home. In this whole world there's nothing he loves more than his family. They're his greatest blessing. Christian is excited for the future and hopes that all of you can leave our productions better or happier than when you walked in. Blasny, blasny!
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Dalys Fletcher
Beauty and the Beast – Babette
Big Fish – Jenny Hill
The Foreigner – Catherine Simms

Dalys absolutely loves the Carriage House Theatre! Having spent the last year attending the University of Lethbridge studying mathematics education, she is definitely grateful to be back in the theatre world. Some of her favorite theatre highlights include Corliss Archer in Kiss and Tell and Brenda Strong in last summer's Catch Me If You Can, both with CHT. Dalys' favorite part of theatre, however, lies not on the stage, but in the hearts of the amazing people she works with. Thank you to them for the endless hours spent mentoring, encouraging, and laughing throughout the summer. She would also like to thank her family-especially her wonderful Dad-for always being there throughout everything. Dalys sincerely hopes you love the shows as much as she does!
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Dayne Joyner
Beauty and the Beast – Monsieur Darque, Ensemble
Big Fish – Amos Calloway
The Foreigner – Charlie Baker

Tate is a local Cardston boy, and he loves performing in theatre. Most recently he was seen on the Carriage House Theatre stage as Dexter in Kiss and Tell and as Aslan in Narnia The Musical with the Cardston High School. When he is not on the stage Tate works at Extra Foods in the produce section. Tate loves getting to know all of his cast members and learning from each one of them. Tate is most excited about the opportunity he has had this summer to improve his dancing abilities. Tate would like to thank his mother for pushing him to expand all of his talents and to Sheila for being a wonderful director each time I have been in her shows. 
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Elise Sherwood
Beauty and the Beast – Mrs. Potts
Big Fish – The Witch
The Foreigner – Properties

Elise is a graduate of the Bachelor of Performing Arts Degree Program at Capilano University, in North Vancouver. She was born in Kamloops, BC and grew up there. Elise grew up training as a competitive dancer and has been teaching dance in Vancouver for the past couple of years. Some of Elise’s past credits include: You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown (Play on Words Prod.) as the choreographer, Into the Woods (Fighting Chance Productions) as Little Red, The Drowsy Chaperone (Exit 22 Prod.) as assistant choreographer and ensemble performer, and Pride and Prejudice (Exit 22) as Mrs. Gardiner. Elise is thrilled to be exploring a new province and performing for Carriage House Theatre this summer.
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Emily Zemp
Beauty and the Beast – Ensemble
Big Fish – Ensemble – Set Painting
The Foreigner – Stage Manager – Set Painting

Emily is so thrilled to be back at the Carriage House Theatre this summer! She says it's been such an incredible experience to be able to come back and do something she loves! Emily moved away about 3 years ago, and her family has been thriving in the sunny state of Arizona! She graduated from her uniform-wearing high school one year ago, and is now at BYU-Idaho studying illustration/animation! Her dream goal is to eventually work for Disney. Emily has been in many CHT productions – with some of her favorites Les Miserables and All Shook Up. She is excited to be part of the full time cast and to be able to share her talents back stage as well as on stage. She is grateful for supportive parents who love to share her passions. She would also want to give a shout out to Merl and Milward.
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Hanna Cutler

Beauty and the Beast – Belle
Big Fish – The Mermaid- Ensemble
The Foreigner – Costume Designer

Hanna is so excited to be spending this summer in Canada! From Bountiful, UT. she is the 7th of eight children and now boasts more than twenty nieces and nephews! She is currently majoring in Music Dance Theatre at BYU. Hanna served a mission for the LDS church in El Salvador, Santa Ana from 2013 to 2015. Recent credits include Rose in Beauty and the Beast, Alice in Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, and the title role in Cinderella. When not on stage she enjoys hiking, painting and buying fun socks!
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Juli Humphries
Stage Manager
Juli is from Walla Walla Washington, She completed her degree in Stage Management from Eastern Oregon University and has been sharing her expertise with the cast and crew at the Carriage House Theater for the past year. In fact the production staff would consider her invaluable. Juli has enjoyed meeting many new friends in Cardston – and in the CHT productions this year. She would like to thank her family for getting her to this point – and she would like to recognize the cast and crew for being an awesome group!
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Mark Matkin
Beauty and the Beast – Cogsworth
Big Fish – The Giant
The Foreigner – Lighting Technician

Mark was born and raised in Cardston, and is excited to spend another summer at the Carriage House Theatre. He is currently studying psychology at the University of Lethbridge. His prior roles include Grantaire in Les Miserables, and Feldzeig in The Drowsy Chaperone. Mark has enjoyed his roles this summer as The Giant in Big Fish and Cosgsworth in Beauty and the Beast. He hopes everyone has as wonderful a time watching the shows as the cast do in performing them.
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Tate Sommerfeldt
Beauty and the Beast – Lumiere
Big Fish – Don Price
The Foreigner – Ellard Sims

Tate loves the theatre and the Carriage House Theatre especially! The last play he was in was Seven Brides for Seven Brothers were he had the opportunity to learn more about theatre, singing and dancing. He has enjoyed his summer experience where he has learned even more about singing and dancing. Tate plans on serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints after he finishes High School next year. The thing he loves most about theatre is the people. “Theatre people are the best kind of people there are!”
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Aaron Burton

Beauty and the Beast – Chip
Aaron Burton loves theatre -- it feeds his dramatic flair and "waters his theatric roots." (Direct quote.) Being in Beauty & the Beast alongside older brother Christian and a crew of favorite people is a highlight of his 12 years so far. (Besides, playing "Chip" helped delay major orthodontia till the end of August.) In his spare time, Aaron writes books, eats super-healthy, dabbles in parkour and art, and loves playing with friends and family. As always, he dedicates his performance to his big brother, Joshua Allan Burton, who also loved theatre and performed at CHT.
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Ashtyn Lybbert
Beauty and the Beast – Ensemble
Big Fish – Ensemble

Ashtyn calls Magrath, AB her home and she is super excited to be a part of the Summer Theatre cast at the Carriage House Theatre. Ashtyn loves singing and performing. She also loves going on adventures outdoors - whether it's climbing mountains or just walking nature trails. Ashtyn loves cheerleading and dancing. She is so grateful for the friends she has made in the cast and for everyone that makes these productions possible.
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Benjamin Smith
Beauty and the Beast – Ensemble
Benjamin has just recently moved back to Southern Alberta – after living in Utah and Wyoming. He is the 5th child of 8 in his family. He has grown up in a home where music is important – and he has a great musical ear. It was a visit to the CHT production of Seven Brides for Seven Brothers that encouraged him to become involved with Beauty and the Beast. In his spare time, he enjoys reading novels, dancing and woodworking. Thanks Benjamin for your part in the CHT summer.
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Boden Broadhead
Beauty and the Beast – Ensemble
Big Fish – Ensemble

Boden Broadhead is tickled to be performing alongside the other wonderful cast members of the Carriage House Theatre. He has a deep passion for music, and has been taking vocal lessons for 2 years, one of which has been through Erinn Evdokimoff Roberts, who was once a performer at the Carriage House Theatre herself. Boden has only been in one other play previous to the CHT, which was a high school production of FLAPPER! His hobbies include singing, playing piano, hiking, and eating watermelon, which he does consider a hobby. Boden is already having mounds of fun at the theatre, especially with his fellow cast members, and can't wait for you to enjoy the shows.
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Brennan Oviatt
Beauty and the Beast – Ensemble
Big Fish – Ensemble

With past roles including Kurt Von Trapp in Sound of Music, Bert Healy in Annie, and Willy Wonka in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Brennan now has the chance to utilize some of his parkour training as one of the Alpha Wolves in Beauty and the Beast and his dance skill as The Fisherman in Big Fish. Brennan enjoys movies, books (both writing his own and reading others), running and hunting over his American Brittany Pointer ‘Pre’. The oldest of five children and hailing from the small town of Stirling, he is honored to be included in these productions, this being his first season at Carriage House. He already considers his fellow cast member’s family and looks forward to further endeavors with the Theatre!
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Bronwyn Crawford
Beauty and the Beast – The Rose
Bronwyn loves performing – and loves dancing! In fact, she has performed in 13 different productions in her young life! Bronwyn also loves shopping, swimming and hanging out with her family and friends. She will be in Grade 8 at the CJHS this fall – and is excited to be able to play the leading role in the CJHS production of Once on this Island. She is also super excited to play the ROSE in the CHT production of Beauty and the Beast. She would like the thank Hanna and Jodi for all of their efforts in helping her and teaching her.
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Emma Nowlan
Beauty and the Beast – Ensemble
Emma comes from Calgary AB and is spending the summer with her grandparents, Bill and Mary Simon. When she was a young girl, her mother and father, Naomi and Steve performed in the Sound of Music on the CHT stage. That was her introduction to live theatre and now as Emma is preparing to serve a mission this fall for the LDS church, she has decided to come to participate in the summer theatre cast. Emma loves to dance and sing and has enjoyed playing her violin on many occasions, but especially loves to fill her time with any novel she can get her hands on. Emma has sung with the Calgary girls choir and loved the chance to sing in such a large gifted group and performed in the Calgary LDS temple dedication ceremony and numerous other LDS productions in the Calgary West Stake.
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Gabriella Parker
Beauty and the Beast – Ensemble
This is Gabriella’s first year being a part of Carriage House Summer Theatre and she is so excited to be in the show Beauty and the Beast. In the past she has done a few plays with the Carriage House Theatre: Seven Brides for Seven Brothers and the Savior of the World. She has also performed in two school plays A Christmas Carol, and Midsummer's Night Dream. She loves being a part of the theatre world and enjoys working with such amazingly talented people and learning from them. Gabriella has always had a strong passion and love for music and especially love to perform. She enjoys all of the fine arts music, dancing, acting, artistic design and loves to learn and try new things. She looks forward to furthering her education in studying music as a major. She would like to thank the directors and production staff for their hard work and effort in creating these magical shows. She is thrilled to work with them all and help support Carriage House Theatre productions.
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Grant Comin
Beauty and the Beast – Ensemble
Grant is in Grade 11 at the Cardston High School and loves the Carriage House Theatre. He is the second oldest of 7 children, with five brothers and one baby sister. Other than theatre, he enjoys playing soccer and playing the piano. In fact, he is brilliant on the keyboard and has complete his Grade 10 RCM piano exam. Beauty and the Beast is his fourth show at the CHT. He was recently in 7 Brides for 7 Brothers and Savior of the World. He is super excited to be working with Cidelle again. Grant’s debut on the CHT stage was in the children's chorus for Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat in 2006. If you are wanting to enjoy Grant’s talents on the piano, he will be playing the piano at the Prince of Wales hotel in Waterton for a summer job. He is so excited to work with this year's cast putting on this amazing show, and he hopes you enjoy watching it as much as he does performing it. He wants to shout out to his family for supporting him when he had the crazy idea to do this show.
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Justys Conrad
Beauty and the Beast – Silly Girl, Wolf, Ensemble
Justys has just finished her first year at the University of Lethbridge in vocal performance. Her end goal is to become a music therapist! Justys loves performing!! And music!!! This year is Justys first CHT summer theatre experience - although she is no stranger to the stage with involvement in many past CHT and CCT shows. She is “super duper excited” - like over the moon excited about being in Beauty in the Beast! She would like to thank all those involved for giving her such an awesome experience!
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Max Gilchrist
Beauty and the Beast – Ensemble
Big Fish – Ensemble

Maxwell is very excited to be back at the Carriage House Theatre for a 4th season. Maxwell spent the last year at Weber State University studying theatre and learning new skills. He was lucky enough to perform in 35 mm, one of his dream shows. This shows was so well received that it may be chosen to compete in KCATF in the USA next spring. Maxwell is thrilled to perform in Big Fish and Beauty and the Beast this summer. He would like to thank everyone that the audience doesn’t see on stage that helps the performers look and perform so awesome!!
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Miria Smith
Beauty and the Beast – Ensemble
Miria is loving her first experience participation at the Carriage House Theatre, especially since it means being able to perform with her awesome younger brother, Benjamin. Miria returned this spring from serving an LDS mission in Malaga, Spain. When she is not enjoying time with one of her seven siblings, she can usually be found in the outdoors, busy on an art project, or seeking adventure. Miria’s guilty pleasures in life are mint chocolates, raspberries, and walking through the grass in her bare feet.
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Nelette Gibb
Beauty and the Beast – Enchantress – Properties Assistant
Nelette loves Halloween, horror movies, makeup and making weird things with her dad. She has two amazing kids – Mattlen and Gunnarr. And she thinks her husband is pretty rad too. Nelette has never done anything like this before and it's absolutely terrifying but Cidelle always manages to get her to do crazy things - so here she is 😉. You will find Nelettes hand in many of the back stage magic – with she said she is having a blast - even though she wants to throw up she is so nervous. She will admit it has been a great growing experience!
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Paul Brauti
Beauty and the Beast – Maurice
Paul Brauti was born in Fort McMurray. He comes from a family of 12 children. This stage appearance adds another facet to his artistic abilities. He is a fine artist and has an inventive mind. He has lent his talents towards the making of several props in the past as well as this production of Beauty and the Beast. He hopes you enjoy the show!
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Rebekah Holthe
Big Fish – Ensemble
Rebekah lives in Cardston and has been in many shows with CHT and CCT. This is her first time experience in a summer production. She is so thrilled to have this opportunity! There are lots of reasons why she loves theater – she loves the singing, dancing, and being able to perform. But the best part is getting to meet amazing people and creating some of the best friendships of her life. Rebekah said she is grateful to everyone who supports CHT because without them she wouldn't have this opportunity.
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Selena Williams
Beauty and the Beast – The Wardrobe
Big Fish – Ensemble

Selena is so excited to finally be back on stage at the Carriage House Theatre. She has lived in Cardston her entire life, and from the time she was three, music was very much a love of hers. Singing is her passion and she hopes to be able to further her education in vocal performance in the near future. Besides Music and Theatre, she is a certified makeup artist and she also loves to snowboard. Selena loves her family and appreciates all of their support. She also wants her new theatre family that she has gained at the theatre to know that she loves them!
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Shad Payne
Big Fish – Young Will Bloom
Shad is nine years old and has just finished grade 3 in Cardston. He loves to dirt bike, play baseball and basketball and last year he broadened his scope with equestrian vaulting. He is just starting to really get into theatre. Shad has loved the CHT Children's Theatre Academy and has really enjoyed being a part of it over the past 3 years. He would like to thank those that have made it such an awesome experience for him and helping him develop an early love for theatre. Big Fish is definitely his biggest theatrical undertaking but he was also cast as Nathan in Carriage House's recent production of Savior of the World. He feels very fortunate to have been a part of that show and is so excited to continue to get to work with everyone at the Carriage House Theater this summer!
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Spencer Crawford
Beauty and the Beast – Silly Girl, Ensemble
Big Fish – Ensemble

Spencer is currently attending Cardston High School and is super excited to be a part of both Beauty and the Beast and Big Fish. She loves to dance and sing and play the piano! Spencer has been on the Carriage House Theatre stage for many productions – with this summer being her first summer experience. She loves spending time with family and friends and in her spare time, she loves eating delicious treats and taking naps!
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Sydnee Ralph
Big Fish – Sandra
Sydnee is thrilled to be back at the Carriage House Theatre! She graduated with her Bachelor of Music at Weber State University in Utah.  After finishing her Vocal Performance degree, she took off to New York to chase her dreams! She began her love for music early and has had the opportunity to perform in both Opera and Musical Theatre productions. Some of her favorite theatre credits include Jo in Little Woman, Cosette in Les Miserables and Natalie in All Shook Up. Sydnee met her new dream this past year and is so excited to be engaged to him! She is ready for their next big adventure later this summer.
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Teagan Perry
Big Fish – Ensemble
Teagan is excited to be back for her second summer at the Carriage House Theatre after being in the production of Catch me if you Can last year. She is 17 years old and will be going into grade 12 this next fall! She loves to sing and dance! Dance has been a passion of hers since she was 10 years old! She wants to thank the Carriage House Theatre for the opportunity the share the stage with the amazing cast and directors of the CHT.
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Truman Hunter
Beauty and the Beast – Ensemble
Big Fish – Dr. Bennett , Ensemble

Truman’s interest in theatre began when he was a part of the cast of My Son Pinocchio. Incidentally, he had no desire to be in that show – but after much persuasion by his sisters and mother who had auditioned – he went to audition with his brother and father. As a result his dad, brother and himself all found themselves within the ranks of the cast – and to the immense amusement of the females, they were not. That is where the life of a thespian began for him and his younger brother and father. Truman loves the energy and buzz that comes with being in theatre as well as all the dynamic characters you meet. He has an insatiable love of gardening and discovery and it is very rare for him to turn down some new adventure or food.

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