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Costume Rentals

Costumes at the Carriage House Theatre are now available for rent. The following are the Carriage House Theatre  Policies regarding Rentals.  For more information, please contact Lyn Loose at 403-653-1662 or Alonna Leavitt at 403-653-1000 ext. #4.


All rentals need to be arranged two weeks ahead of required date by calling Lyn Loose 653-1662  or  330-2142.  All rush orders subject to a surcharge of $15.00.  Rental fee includes only items listed with costume.  Accessories are available at nominal charge.

Production Rental Rates:
Production rental fees are calculated in the following manner.

1st week Full list price
2nd week + 25% of full list price

These prices assume a minimum order of $100.00
Services include pulling all items from stock, personal consultation, all cleaning of items upon return.  

Personal Rental Rates:
Rental rates are the full listed rental price per day.  A 50% discount is available for second and third consecutive day rentals.  All orders will have an non-refundable $5.00 handling fee.

Actor & Production Discounts
Actors who perform in any CHT production are given a rental discount of 50%.  This discount is good for 1 year from the closing date of the production in which they have performed.  This discount is for performers and their immediate family only.  This discount is for individual use and may not be used for any production rental. This discount is also available for all CHT employees and production staff.  This charge is necessary to cover the cleaning and maintenance cost of the costume.

A 50% non-refundable deposit is required before any production rental may be taken for approval.  The deposit will be applied to the final rental cost.  The balance of the rental is due by the contracted return date.  In the event of a production cancellation, the 50% will be considered the cancellation fee.

Any alteration must be done in such a way that the garment can be easily returned to its original condition.  No alterations should be done without permission of CHT.  Costumes may not be dyed, painted, glued or cut without the written permission of CHT.

Strict adherence to cleaning and maintenance instruction is mandatory.  Replacement or distress fees will be assessed for any costume piece that has  been damaged due to incorrect cleaning procedures.   It is highly recommended that dress shields be used in the garments.


All items are expected to be in good condition upon return.  Any alteration made to a costume piece must be removable.  If repair is needed for a costume piece it is expected that measures be taken to ensure the piece incurs no further damage.    For example:

  • please use matching thread when repairing seams

  • do not use pins to alter a piece, it only worsen the tear or causes more distress.

  • never use tape to hold a hem in place, it leaves residue on the garment.  If there is any question in regards to a repair, please contact Lyn or Marge for further instruction before the repair is made.


Fees will be imposed for all distressed costumes.  These fees will be determined on a per item basis and can be up to $100 of the list price.  If irreparable distress is present, a replacement fee will be applied.  Distress is defined, but not limited to:

  • any costume with exposure to smoke or any kind

  • any tear in the garment longer than ” or any tear against the grain of the fabric

  • any garment that is stained or requires additional cleaning procedures

  • any alterations not previously approved

  • missing buttons or closures

  • any item with adhesive residue

Any fees assessed for distress will be due within 30 days of billing or legal procedures will be taken

Replacement Fees

Replacement fees will be 5 times the rental list price.  Replacement fees will be assessed for the following conditions:

  • items not returned within the 10 day grace period

  • any permanent alterations to a garment

  • any irreparable distress or damage to a garment

Replacement fees will be due within 30 days of billing or legal procedures will be taken.

Methods of Payment

  • Visa, Master Card, Cash, Debit, Personal checks up to $100.

Late Fees

Any item not returned on the contracted return date is subject to a late fee.  A fee of 50% of the costume list price per costume piece will be assessed for each day the rental is late up to 10 days.   After the 10 day grace period, an additional replacement fee will be imposed.

Cancellation Fees

24 hours notice must be given on all rental cancellations or the full rental price will  be charged.  There will be a $10.00 cancellation fee assessed for each costume cancelled.  The cancellation fee will be waived if notice is given seven days in advance of the pick-up date.

In the event that Alonna or Lyn are not available please contact MARGE BEVANS @ 403-653-4552.






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