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Carriage House Theatre Seating

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About the Carriage House Theatre

November of 1912 was an exciting time for those in town when Cardston’s progressive and wealthy Mark Spencer built a large modern show house where the Carriage House Theatre now stands. This theatre would be called the “New Palace Theatre” and would change hands many times before being bought by the Brewerton Brothers in 1927. It continued under that name until February of 1937, when the theatre reopened after a major renovation along with a name change from “The Palace Theatre” to “The MayFair Theatre”. Sixty years later, on the 14th of February 1992, the latest incarnation of the Mayfair opened to the public. Two years effort and over a million dollars were expended to create the new facility, now known as the “Carriage House Theatre”. This old theatre building is now again usable and viable for both movies and live theatre productions. The Carriage House Theatre Foundation has assisted in making it functional. Through countless hours of volunteer work and through thousands of dollars worth of donated services, materials, and equipment, coupled with government dollars, the non-profit foundation has accomplished a great deal. People from all over the world have now visited the theatre to attend live theatre productions and the quality of family and community life within our region has been enriched with the ‘good family’ entertainment that is offered by the Foundation. We are very proud of the state of the art facility which it has become to us and thank all those who have been a part of its success.

Carriage House Theatre Foundation
Executive Committee

Dr. Robert Russell
Marina Leavitt
Debbie Fletcher
Darren Cahoon
Doreen Card
Alonna Leavitt

Carriage House Theatre Production Board
Debbie Fletcher - Chairman
Darren Cahoon– Vice Chairman
Jolene Wynder - Secretary
Doreen Card – Treasurer
Marina Leavitt – Board Member
Darren Atwood - Board Member
Janet Crapo - Board Member
Deb Brauti - Board Member
Sheila Hague - Board Member
Robert Russell - Board Member
Cheryl Millward - Board Member
Val Jensen - Board Member
Josh Creason - Board Member
Alonna Leavitt – Ex Officio Board Member

353 Main Street Cardston, Alberta Canada T0K0K0 - Phone: (403) 653-1000